Thursday, October 18, 2012

Toothy Thursday

My little guy has cut his second tooth and boy, is it wreaking havoc in this household.

Sleep? Who needs it?
Especially when your adorable almost 7 month old flashes you the cutest smile EVER!

I can just imagine the pain an infant goes through when teeth are cutting through the gums. It doesn't look pleasant on my end, why would it in their mouth? Hey -- I've gone through braces, teeth extractions, fillings and even canker sores. It's painful and it isn't fun.

Teeth #2!! He's getting teeth much quicker than Ericka did.
So if my little guy is in pain during teething, a few snuggles and kisses should help him out (with a side of Tylonel or Advil to really help with the pain).  Sleep.. yeah, sleep is for the weak.  (help me! haha)

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