Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remembering Dad

I can't believe how much time flies..

It's been 4 years since my dad passed away.
Every May 2nd my family takes time to remember a great husband, father and grandfather.. Vern Yee.

I'll always remember the night of May 1st.. getting the call at work that my dad was in the hospital.. rushing out of my shift to drive to Stratford because that was the nearest hospital to him at the time.. seeing my mom, brothers and sisters in the waiting room with that 'look' on their face.. seeing my dad for the first time that day, so frail, so unusual on that hospital bed... and remembering the difficult decision of what to do next...

Oh.. it was awful.

I'm tearing up thinking about it all again. I always do.

Having someone SO close to you, especially a parent, pass away right in front of your eyes makes you think of the many things, past, present and future.
Things that he has missed.. things I miss about him.. remembering all the fond memories of being raised by him.

This post is just a reminder to cherish all the moments you have with family and people you care about. You just never know when they'll be taken away from you.

May 2nd is a day of remembrance for me and my family. My dad. He was loved and is missed dearly.

Here is something Norm wrote after my dad passed away. He is such a magician with his words. It touched me so much, I'll never forget it.
I always re-post it every anniversary on fb or whatever. This year, I have my blog to post it on too.  Thank-you Norm for such a beautiful note.

May 2nd 
Started with the end of a wonderful life. 

Then devastation. 


And raw emotion. 


And discovered strength. 

May 2nd. 

The end of a wonderful life. 

The evolution of a family. 


Never destroyed. 

I love you dad. Always.
The Yee's, Christmas 2007

Dad with his family <3

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