Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time is just FLYING!

Who has time to blog anymore? Kids, work, chores, errands... not to mention catching up sleep are what's keeping me away from blogging.  But that's perfectly ok with me! I blog when I can, and I do it for myself.

So we're into the month of March! Just last month we were celebrating Ericka's 3rd birthday! Well, soon... we'll be celebrating Evan's 1st birthday and it's an exciting milestone!

Learning from Ericka's first three years and attending other kid's birthday parties, we have realized as parents, sometimes these birthday parties are done for the parents themselves rather than the child. That's fine! It's a social event for parents and friends to get together to enjoy food and some cake! However, I think it can be a bit overwhelming for the birthday child. It all depends on the child, so it's your job as parents to recognize if they're suited for big birthday bashes at such a young age or if a small family gathering is just what they need. Whatever you decide, just make sure the birthday child is well rested before hand or you'll have a major epic meltdown at the party.. The song "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to" will be sung in the background if that's the case!!

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