Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tis the season!!

Hope you all enjoyed a very Merry Christmas!!

Christmas is always special to me because it means spending time with family.
This year, it was Ericka's 2nd time experiencing Christmas. I love how she is understanding the concept of Christmas and actually participating in the present unwrapping portion of the day ;)  Ericka loved all the presents she received from Norm & I, family and friends. She was spoiled... we can't thank enough everyone who contributed to her thoughtful gift(s).

The morning portion of the day was spent with Norm & Ericka (and baby in belly of course). We did the present thing and then had breakfast and even snuck in a nap.  Nothing is better than being with my little family. 3 years ago (2008) Norm surprised me by proposing to me Christmas morning with the most gorgeous ring ever!! What a memorable moment that was, and I'll always remember it every Christmas morning.

My surprise from the hubby this year!!  
<3 my little family
So, it's not always about the presents.. like I said, it's about being with family. I got to spend it with my little family and then enjoyed the day with my mom, siblings and uncles. We travelled to Kitchener to have a wonderful dinner prepared by my mom--Prime Rib! Unfortunately, being pregnant, I couldn't enjoy the succulent medium rare cuts dripped in gravy like I usually do. I had to settle for the end piece.. the "hamburger" as Phill calls it? lol It was too tough for me. It was good, but "well done" is just NOT my thing. But on the bright side, there were ribs and other sides that were delicious and kept me  happy and full!

What's left of the food and the people remaining at the table
Ericka keeping busy
Emma being cute!
A fav pic of hubby and daughter :)
My belly.. 26 weeks along! I'm wearing a marshmellow shirt too, so I look x-tra big ;)

Afterwards, we had a secret santa gift exchange for the kids. It looks like everyone enjoyed their gifts!

Love this photo of the kids... haha
But this is awesome!
Emma was mad Ericka was touching her Ken doll I think lol
Alexis pretending to be Taylor Swift
We gave my mom a Lululemon sweater.. she said "What am I, 26?" I hope she liked it? lol
All in all, the day was fabulous and filled with joy. I love this time of the year because I know I get to spend time with my family, which I love!  (Minus my brother Al and family as they travelled to Ottawa to be with Annik's family this year. Next year we get them!!)

Ericka snuck into the Phill's family photo! lmfao Look at both Ericka's and Emma's faces.
Ericka wouldn't stay still for our family photo
The kids (minus Alan) with mom
Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to see hubby's dad on Christmas day... but we're making time this week to visit him!

Until the next post.. Hope you've enjoyed the holiday season so far!


  1. Great pics! But OMG, phill and I just laughed our heads off at the one of our family pic Ericka snuck into...she's got the biggest smile and Emma is giving her the dirtiest look!! Haha

  2. I KNOW!! It's my fav.. hope you don't mind I posted it? It was too hilarious not to. I seriously love that photo!

  3. I don't mind at all...I love it haha. It's priceless!

  4. Sounds like you had a great family Christmas! Love the picture of the three of you and then your "baby bump"! Kitchen Aid, yeah! I just envy the prime rib dinner, too. Prime rib is my FAVOURITE! Love all your pics!

  5. Check out my blog, I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Great job Mel :)


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