Friday, December 23, 2011

Moving to a big girl bed

Last night we made the switch from crib to toddler bed for Ericka!!!!

After consecutive days each morning and night of her climbing out of crib.. my hubby and I decided it was time for us to remove the front panel of the crib so it was safer for Ericka to get in and out of her bed.  I knew she climbed out of her crib when I heard a big thump or a distinct whine that sounded like she did something wrong.. you know that whine?? As a mom of a toddler, it's getting easier to decipher what whine means what.

Who knows why she started this trend of climbing out of her crib. Maybe because she loves climbing things. Maybe because she knew she could do it easily and swiftly. Or maybe she wanted our attention, hence the whine of "I did something wrong, come see me!"  Either way..  I must admit.. when she climbed out of her crib on her own, it was cute!

Nothing like being in bed in the morning.. not quite ready to pull the warm covers off.. and then all of a sudden, your child is walking into your bedroom ready to say "Morning mummy & daddy"!
It really solidified one of the reasons why you become a parent.

I did my best to be stern with her and explain that she is too little to be climbing out of her crib, but it didn't seem to sink in. She is only 22 months. So, the next step was to convert the crib to a toddler bed.

Here are a few photos of the monumental moment for us. We added a bed rail that we've had on our bed since she was little (and we were co-sleeping) to the front. I don't think she's a pro at sleeping with an open side yet!?? But we left a little opening at the 'foot' of the bed so she can climb in and out.

Front panel OFF!! 

Hello toddler bed!
Yup, her mobile is still intact! lol

Last night she slept like a pro... She did have a little whine-cry when I put her in because she was unsure of the new 'look' of her bed. But after a few hugs and reassuring kisses, I asked her to put her head down and go to sleep.  I left the room.. hung out in the spare room beside hers, then snuck back into her room for a peak and there was was... fast asleep!
My heart melted.  She was taking it like a champ (or the fact she was too tired to fight it... we'll see what night #2 brings us).
I know, she sleeps like this alllllll the time. And yes, she loves her Grobag still!

And this morning.. she didn't cry or fuss for us to get her. She didn't even climb out! She laid there and enjoyed her new surroundings!

When I went to greet her "Good Morning!!" she had the biggest smile on her face.
I told her she was such a big girl for sleeping in her new 'big girl bed' and she loved hearing it!

Next up.. potty training. Oy!


  1. Way to go Ericka!! She's not too young at all for the toddler bed :) I bet it's a relief that the night wen well hehe.

  2. Awwwe your little girl is growing up.(sniff, sniff). Good luck with the potty training. LOL!

  3. Thanks Janet!! We'll need all the luck we can get! Happy Holidays to you, Steve, Fed & Gloria, and of course the family! :)


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