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So you want to know just a little bit more about me?
Let's start with my name is Melissa, and I'm enjoying life as a married mommy of 2. There's nothing more that I love than family life.. especially my little family.

My husband is Norm, my daughter is Ericka and my newest little baby is Evan. They're my world, my everything.

I married Norm in July 2009 and in February 2010, our daughter Ericka was born! Now in her toddler phase, she knows how to keep me on my toes! On March 19th 2012 our son, Evan, was born. He's growing at a rapid pace so I'm trying to enjoy all the wee little things about him before he grows taller than me.

Currently living in London, Ontario (Canada). Both hubby and I work in the media.
As of right now.. I'm on maternity leave so I can enjoy some time with my wee little baby.
I have a passion for editing, current events & news, and of course my family!! I'm addicted to melon flavour Melona bars, Oreo Pudding cookies, Twitter and Instagram. I'm sure there are others but those are my currents addictions ;)

We have 3 cats (who think they're dogs or humans) living under our roof as well... all adopted from the local Humane Society or Animal Care shelter.

I've always wanted to blog, but could never find the spare time for it. Well.. here I am now, testing the waters with the blogging world.

I often make a play on words with my maiden name of "Yee"... hence, the title of this blog "World According to Mommyee".  So.. that's what I'll be doing on this blog.. just giving you a 'slice of my life'. If you can relate to my posts, great!! I'd love to hear your views and opinions and how you deal with certain aspects of life I'm going through.

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