Sunday, March 4, 2012

Plug & (baby) Bump

So, I'm at week 36 of this pregnancy.. I must say, I'm feeling all the effects pregnancy running through my body... Exhaustion, soreness, uncomfortableness, and well, I could go on and on. I guess chasing a 2 year old doesn't help this ol' body of mine either.

BUT before I go on with a few pics of my baby bump.. I wanted to give a shout-out to my friend Jodi.

Please take a moment to visit her Uppercase Living - Jodi Lale Facebook page. If you're looking for lettering/decals for walls.. She's the person you want to talk to!  Here is an example of the what you can find thru Jodi at Uppercase Living.

AND Jodi makes FABULOUS clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers.  Visit SpARTa Boutique to check out her creations. She has made some wonderful clothing and accessories for Ericka over the years. Here are just a few pics of my daughter wearing SpARTa Boutique apparel! "Like" them on FB!

Kennedy and Ericka (5 months) wearing matching SpARTa Boutique outfits!
A halloween candy corn themed tutu and headband from SpARTa Boutique. There was also a shirt that matched the theme but Miss Ericka didn't want to put it on for a picture. 
Ericka donning a SpARTa Boutique headband for Christmas party

And now.... my week 36 baby bump photos.
What do you think? Baby lower/dropped since my last photo at 34 weeks?

36 weeks and LOVING it!! *a touch of sarcasm there*
At a recent OB appointment.. I got an ultrasound growth scan done. They measured "Herm" at 39 weeks and at about 8lbs 7oz. WOWIE!!!!! Now, the technician said measurements may be a tad exaggerated due to the position of baby and the fact his head IS down making it more difficult to get an accurate measurement.

If I make it to my full 40 weeks.. This will be one huge baby coming out of me! I might even surpass the lady in China for delivering a 13lb baby! Can you imagine?  I don't want to even think about that!  Anyways.. enjoy? Excuse my frumpy attire.

Last photo to share... of my little princess. She loves wearing her tiara and clip-on earrings. Goes with her princess-like drama queen attitude!! (Thanks auntie Celine & Cassius)
This photo makes me smile and laugh at the same time. Ericka, being Ericka.
I really need to do something with her hair... 


  1. Love the baby bump! You look great! Just a little longer, hang in there :) And those letter decals that your friend does. I'd LOVE something like that for our house actually...if I could convince your brother hehe :)

  2. Ohhh...I forgot to put, I LOVE that picture of Ericka! She looks like such a cute little princess!!! <3

  3. You must just be counting the days! Your friend Jodi sounds like one talented and busy gal! Love the picture of Ericka being Ericka!

  4. This is my favourite blog of all time.

  5. CUTE pictures !!

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