Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Bump update - 28 weeks

Happy Monday!!!
I wanted to update on my baby bump. I'm at 28 weeks but I feel like I'm 35 weeks. I can't help but waddle when I walk and groan when I sit. LoL I'm a hot mess!
"Herm" as we called him before we found out the sex of the baby is sitting waaaaay low and right across my belly. Fun times!! He's very active and loves to kick/punch/roll whenever he can. 
Here are a few belly pics. I don't normally show my belly & skin, but hubs captured some photos of Ericka getting intimate with her soon-to-be little brother. She lifted my shirt up and started to grope me. So, I apologize for any appalling photos you see of my belly area. Viewer discretion is advised! ;)

Me and the belly
28 weeks and 4 days

Giving the 'bay-beee' a kiss or two......
Ericka showing off her belly too.
(ps. don't mind the diaper genie lurking in the background) 
She loves touching my baby bump
Family <3


  1. I you sure that's just a bump? LOL! Love the pic of you and Ericka!

  2. Man you've popped even more since we saw you last! lol. You're all belly :) Great pics!!


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