Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ericka's lovey

(I wrote this a month ago as my 'first' blog post... but didn't want to post it yet. Here it is finally.. published and updated!)

A couple of months ago, my daughter became really attached to what we'll call her lovey.
It's not your average teddy bear, doll, 'blankie' or even toy. It's actually a plastic fork. The kind you buy at Ikea.

Back in the summer.. Ericka loved holding on to toys and objects.. such as a mallet or her bubble flute.

But sometime in August or September... she started to really enjoy holding on to the fork we would give to her for meals. From there, it was almost impossible to separate her and the fork


I was mortified as a mom. I kept thinking "what will other parents think of my child holding onto a fork".. no less running around and having fun with a fork in hand!
Family members started to question whether or not it was safe for her to be attached to a fork.. but honestly, in the weeks and months she clenched on to the plastic fork, she never stabbed or hurt herself with it. Yes, there may have been a scratch or two on the face or arms, but nothing serious. And yes, she may or may not have stabbed her parents with the fork... but again, not SERIOUSLY damaging. Just a surprise poke if you will.

It wasn't until we started daycare in October we knew she had to let go of her fork when we took her there. There was no way I was going to admit that was her lovey or that this is what will keep her happy.
So my husband and I would discreetly take it away from her each time we took her to daycare.. which was either twice a week or up to 4 times a week.  The first few weeks of daycare were hard enough on her and us as it was a new setting and new thing for Ericka to understand.

But honestly, since she has warmed up to daycare (actually she LOVES daycare and we love the staff and program there), she hasn't really wanted or asked for her lovey. Meal time she demands a fork but after that.. she's too happy or busy to have her hands occupied with a meaningless fork!

So mama's... have no worries. Ericka doesn't need her fork lovey anymore. Right now, it's a Donald Duck toy figurine she received for Christmas that she loves to hold on tight to)


  1. Let's pray that her little brother doesn't get attached to a knife ;) bahahaha!


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