Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Boy Is 6 Months Old!

My my.. where has the time flown?
It quite honestly feels like Evan is older than 6 months.. but really, he's still a baby! I think the combination of feeling like I've been off work for a year and the fact that Evan is just growing like a weed, makes me feel like my lil boy is much older than he is.

We celebrated his 6 months with a mini photo shoot!

I should've known it was going to be a bit of a gong show... Evan is such a mover and hates to just sit up and be still. (He's kind of like his sister).  I don't think there is one shot that turned out great but perhaps with a bit of photoshopping I can make something work to hang up to frame later.

Here are 2 "in-focus" shots that I can share.. the rest were really crap. Out of focus or soft focus. This boy loves to move!

The "bubble box" should've been closer but it was hard to have that hanging and have him sit still.
Plus the writing is too small. FILL THE BOX MELISSA!!!
Of course, once a baby sees something they like, they want their dirty paws all over it.
Here he is wrecking my "bubble box".
We just recently had his 6 month check up and shots. Here are some deets:
Evan weighs 21.6 lbs now. He has slowed down on his weight gain, but is still a big boy.
And Evan measures in at 29 inches. A gain of 1 inch from his 4 month check up. Again, slowing down a bit.
When put on the chart, he is on the 97th percentile curve for his weight, and 98th percentile for his length. Still up there on the percentile charts.  I don't take much stock into these numbers but still interesting to see how he 'compares' to others his age.

Recently, Evan has picked up the art of clapping! It's so cute when he claps.. and when he does, there's a lot of force that goes into his claps. Watch out! This boy has some strength!

And Evan's first tooth is cutting through! He's been drooling like crazy and well, the pain is almost unbearable. There were a few nights where he'd wake up every 2 hours, in pain. Poor him (and poor me!!!! lol)

1st toooof cutting
Evan has also began crawling. It's not a full fledge crawl, but he is on his hands and knees rocking back and forth. He makes more movements going backwards than forwards... but he's working his way to getting his hands and legs coordinated! Can't wait! haha

Oh and of course, we've started solids!!!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner seems to have gotten a lot messier now that the boy is eating real foods.
There was no doubt that Evan would love solid food. (Hello! Have you seen how big he is?)  Right now he loves his Mum Mum rusks and loves to drink from his sippy cup. He has enjoyed rice cereal but I find he opens his mouth MUCH wider for the oatmeal cereal now. Next up, barley cereal.  We've also tried bananas, butternut squash and carrots with him. He loves bananas... the vegetables, not so much. haha

Our doctor recommended we start sleep training Evan so he would work his way to sleeping through the night and self soothing himself. So far, Evan's been pretty receptive. Daddy has helped out a lot by getting up at night to see him when he wakes up and trying to calm him down. This way, Evan doesn't assume it's feeding time when he sees me... plus it gives me a bit of extra rest.
Sometimes it works with daddy going in.. but sometimes, he just wants mommy.  It's been pretty hard trying to juggle him crying it out & when to swoop in before he makes a loud ruckus because Ericka's room is next to his... but for the most part, Ericka hasn't woken up from her sleep due to his fussiness or crying. I have to admit, when she's asleep... she's gone.
However, I do get nervous between the hours of 5 and 6:30am where if Evan is stirring and crying, he could potentially wake her up and then she will be up for the rest of the day.
Now who wants to start their day at 5am? Not me!!!! LoL

It's still a work in progress but we're crossing our fingers and hoping sleep training and self soothing helps this boy sleep through the night.

Seriously, the fun is just beginning with Evan. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Happy 6 month Evan! Yes, he is a big boy and such a sweetie. He's definitely one happy boy. Every time I see him he's always smiling! Oh boy, I bet you can't wait until he's sleeping through the night though. Every baby is different and ever one is a new learning experience. Good luck! :)

  2. Happy 6 Months to Evan! Definitely a BIG but happy boy :) Glad to hear he's slowing down growth wise a bit for ya too. I think he's close to weighing more than YOU Melissa!! ;) hehe. I hope for your guy's sake he sleeps through the night soon. Tell him Aunt Brandi says that it's time to give you guys a break :) Hope it works out for you guys...fingers crossed!


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