Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good-bye Summer 2012

Well, it's been one heck of a summer to remember!

From continuous hot & humid days to our first family getaway...this summer has been an absolute blast! I picked a good summer to take a mat leave eh?

This past Labour Day weekend capped summer off with more beautiful weather and a great time spending it with the family, that I'm pretty sad summer is coming to an end. Soon, my hubby will be hard at work as this is a pretty busy time of the year with sports locally and nationally that he covers. That'll mean no more vacation weeks off and no weekend fun as he's commited a few of them for work events. Ho-hum.

So, this past weekend, we made sure to make the most out of this long weekend together as we took a trip to the beach again.. This time Ipperwash Beach along Lake Huron. What a beauty of a place. We had the ultimate blast. The drive was worth it!
Beautiful Ipperwash Beach
No pics of Evan in the water, but he loves playing in it.. just like his sister
Mama and Ericka
Our lil set up is to the right (pop-up tent).. Check out the family to the left with their set-up. Couple of beach tents, canvases, a couple of beach umbrellas.. WOW! LoL 
And with the long weekend over, it means our little girl is now starting in a new pre-school classroom at her daycare! The routine is pretty much the same from when she was in the toddlers group...but this time she is in a new room, different floor and different teachers. She'll also be around more friends and learning even more things!

Before Ericka's last day with the toddler group.. We made sure to show her teacher how much we appreciated the time she took in taking care of Ericka for the year. We made her this little arrangement.

A plant & (fake) flowers --I couldn't find nice yellow flowers at the stores I went to. Along with it a tag that says "Thank-you for helping me grow!"
Some candies and chocolates with a tag that says "Thank-you for being so sweet".
And a gift card to Starbucks with a tag that says "It's been a latte fun!"
We also added a few "handcrafted" butterflies decorated by Ericka herself.. and a few with the help of mama.

Her teacher was very appreciative of the gift. We are sad Ericka won't have Miss Melissa anymore because she was wonderful with Ericka and the rest of the kids in her class. The good thing is that we'll be walking by her class everyday we're at daycare, so we can always say hi!

So as a new season arrives with new adventures... we're already planning out some things for next summer.  Norm and I have discussed more trips to the beach. Also, we plan to look for a cottage with our family and rent it for a week and enjoy it away from the hustle and bustle of the city. How awesome would that be if we can find something that suits our needs?
As Evan will be over a year next summer and hopefully walking and doing all the fun toddler stuff.. I'm sure we'll be keeping busy!
Can't wait for Summer 2013!!!!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great summer! Glad you guys were able to have so much fun before Norm is busy with work :) Love the gift for Ericka's preschool teacher...so cute!! Yes, next year will certainly be different if Evan is walking hehe, but so much fun, especially if you can get away to a cottage. And now you can get ready for Halloween and Christmas...hehehe


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