Monday, September 10, 2012

Western Fair!!!

It has been ages.. probably 2 decades since I've last visited London's Western Fair.
You know, I don't really remember much about my past visits... Maybe I've never been at all? Lol No, I have been. Maybe the lack of sleep (mommy brain) is preventing me from remembering the last time I was at the fair, but I do know for a fact that it's "been awhile".

So when the opportunity to check out the fair this year came around, it was hard to pass it up.
Now that Ericka is older, the idea of maneuvering her and Evan in strollers through the crowds made it worth the visit because at least she is old enough to understand what she is seeing and enjoy some of the displays.

We got there pretty early, just before lunch time.. So of course I wanted to get my eat on as soon as we got there. But I held back my hunger issues and we visited inside one of the farm displays... Ericka played in the hay, said hello to a baby pig and played with some soy beans and corn. She enjoyed it!

Then after, we finally got to eat. I was craving to try some fried pickles but couldn't find any vendors offering it :( I settled for some french fries, fried chicken and pizza. Close enough in calorie count, right ;)

Norm and I enjoyed walking around... and for me, I was revisiting some childhood memories of rides and sounds while making new ones with my own children. How can you not remember riding on the Zipper, Himalaya, or the bumper cars when you were younger?

And what I remember the most about the Western Fair was the iconic roller coaster (aka Nitro) that was near the roadway so you could see and hear people screaming and enjoying it! It was back again this year after a few years hiatus, so it was good to see it (albeit a different form) again.

Norm & I taking in the sights and sounds of the fair! Nitro behind us!!
If you get a chance this week to check out the fair, do it! It wraps up on Sunday (Sept 16th 2012).
All the better if you can partake on the rides. It wasn't for us this year because Ericka & Evan are still too young for them (even the kiddy rides) but maybe next year hopefully!

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