Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh November

It's been quite a busy and tiring November for me.

I haven't had a chance to update the blog as much as I would like to. I haven't even had a chance to post my "Look back at meningitis" blog I wrote weeks ago. I'm still looking it over (when I get the chance) and adding or deleting to it.  It's a long one but I hope to get it posted this week.. just to say I did.

The reason for all my exhaustion?
Ha ha! Was there any doubt?

His 4th tooth is cutting his gums and like his previous 3 teeth, he is not dealing with the pain well. Up at all hours of the night.  Crying in obvious pain from his teeth.  Poor thing.

There's the culprit.. that top right tooth cutting the gums
And to add to his teething pain... Evan must be going through separation anxiety because every time I put him down for a nap or for bed, he cries his eyes out. :(  We're doing our best to train him back to soothing himself to sleep but he is a strong-willed bugger. He's very stubborn (hmm, must get that from his father. :) hehe) and he won't stop crying until he gets what he wants. Usually, that's mommy.

Can someone hand me the white flag already?

Alright, enough of me whining about lack of sleep. I'm OK with getting little sleep. It's the separation anxiety that Evan is dealing with that worries me. But in time, he will get over it. Just like how his sister did.

There are a lot of things we've been doing this month that has been keeping us too busy to think about exhaustion.

I've enrolled Evan into daycare starting in December as I'm heading back to work in January. The decision was easy and simple. Daycare will benefit Evan with separation anxiety and getting to play with other babies his age. End of story.  I can't tell you how much daycare has helped with Ericka's development socially and behaviourally. I may be a lot lighter in the pocket book but honestly, daycare is worth.every.penny.

Speaking of daycare..

Ericka had picture day a couple of weeks ago. Earlier in the month, mommy decided it would be a good (and cheap) idea to trim her bangs.
Being a toddler, Ericka moved on me while I was snipping, causing mommy to cut a big chunk off her bangs. More than I intended. Then, I tried to compensate. Uh... that back-fired. Poor Ericka's bangs got shorter and shorter.. and certainly not straight.

I finally stopped myself after a couple of days of subtle trims. This was the best I could get. Please don't laugh. She will get back at me later in life I'm sure.

So 2012's daycare pictures will sure be one to remember. I'll be sure to post them online soon!

We also went to our city's annual Santa Claus Parade. We met up with some friends who came from out of town to watch the jolly old man in red. We ordered a pizza and sipped on Starbucks as we sat on the sidewalk and took in all the action. Evan was mesmerized and Ericka was throughly entertained. Although to spice up our night, she wanted to run onto the parade route just for fun. Oh toddlers.


The next month is going to be obviously busy with the holiday parties and gatherings.

This week we're looking forward to traveling to Windsor to watch our good friends Jim & Pat tie the knot.  This will be the first time Evan is away from us overnight. My sister and her husband will be looking after the little ones. I'm not worried about Ericka as she adores her Aunt Karen, Uncle Terry and cousins Jake and Lex... It's Evan I'm a bit stressed about. He hasn't slept a full night ever, and he hasn't been away from mommy longer than 4 hours. This will be a full 24 hours plus some.  My mom says not to worry and that this will be good for him. My poor sister... I just hope Evan is good for them and doesn't cry all night because he's missing mommy and daddy or because he is teething. Fingers crossed!

Trouble with a capital 'T'  

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