Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Week!

Ericka's 2nd birthday isn't until this Friday but we had her birthday party with family and friends this past Sunday!!  I'm working on a blog on it but this third trimester is really tuckering me out.

For now, I just have a few pics of the cake...

Thank-you Bake-e-Ree for the awesome cupcakes and cake!! 
...but my sister-in-law posted some pics from the party on her blog!! (Thank-you Brandi)  Visit Yee Wittle Things to see more.

Hopefully by Friday, I'll have more of a blog post and more pics as we'll open presents received at the party and of course what mommyee and daddyee got for her! Also, we're saving the lovely cake Mickey Mouse cake Melissa from the Bake-e-Ree made for her too! :)

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