Monday, June 18, 2012

Baking Up A Storm

Phew! It's been FOR-EVER since I've been able to sit at the computer and blog! 
So much has been going on... Evan is now 3 months old and Ericka is well.. she's being Ericka! lol We are taking bigger leaps into potty training though.. but with a needy newborn that is growing like a weed (He's just about 17 lbs and over 25 inches) it's hard to keep on top of the potty training. I do feel that Ericka is on the cusp of grasping the whole concept of doing her business on the potty, rather in her diaper. It's still a work in progress, but she's doing SO well as opposed to a month ago.

Ericka posing for me last week
Evan at almost 3 months

So between the kids, catching up on rest, spending quality time with my hubby and just adjusting to being home for maternity leave.. I have been able to bake a lot of things and try different recipes now that I have my *drool* Kitchen Aid Mixer! It definitely has been fun whipping up different things in the mixer.. I love it. I highly recommend that if you're a baker to have one. Not necessarily a "Kitchen Aid" brand.... but a stand mixer. It makes beating and whipping so much easier.

I wanted to share a few creations I've been able to try and successfully execute (according to hubby).
My first ever attempt at banana bread was back in April.. I got the recipe from called Janet's Rich Banana Bread.  It turned out so well!! It was moist, soft and delicious. The only thing I would suggest if you're going to try this recipe is to mash the bananas... mashing them tastes so much better. I read the reviews and decided to mash instead of slicing. And I didn't add walnuts.. but it's an option!  

What I enjoyed about this recipe is adding the sour cream to the batter. I was skeptical since it was my first banana bread ever and I've never added such an ingredient to baked goods. But in the end, I think this is what made my bread moist but also a bit denser than most, which I liked! I would highly recommend this recipe if you're into trying a banana bread recipe. MMMmmm!

First time baking banana bread

Thanks to Pinterest, there was a recipe that caught my eye. A pudding cookie recipe! 
What's that? Pudding cookie? What the heck? ... Yeah.. I had never heard but when I saw the picture from the BruCrew website, I had to try. 
I've been looking for a cookie recipe that keeps the cookie moist, soft and chewy days after baking. This one seems to take a step there. (fyi.. I'm looking for a cookie recipe like the ones from Subway.. soft, chewy, moist and flat! Anyone??)  
This cookie recipe is called Peanut Butter Pudding Cookie. Get this.. peanut butter, chocolate chips, and Reeces Pieces scattered all within a cookie! SOLD!!! Plus, the secret ingredient.... PUDDING MIX!! haha WHO KNEW?!!??  
Here is a pic of my creation... but you can also get the recipe here for more gorgeous photos of the cookie at Inside BruCrew Life's Peanut Butter Pudding Cookie.

Delicious peanut butter pudding cookie

Since I was on a roll with the peanut butter pudding cookie.. I thought I'd try a different one. Again, thanks to Pinterest.. I found an Oreo cookie pudding cookie recipe!
Oreos in cookies? HELLO, YES!!!
The secret ingredient here was Oreo Instant Pudding Mix, along with chocolate chips and bits of Cookies N Creme chocolate in the batter. THESE WERE DELICIOUS!! 

Oreo pudding cookie is to die for.. seriously! I'll make some for you if you just ask! :)

So these were my attempts at becoming a Martha Stewart in my home.. Hope you can enjoy some of these yummy treats yourself. They're definitely worth the attempt at making!!


  1. Woo hoo! Lots of baked goodies! They all look great and I bet you love trying out the different recipes :) It's fun experimenting in the kitchen. Look how big the kids are getting! Evan looks bigger than his Big Sister in those pics hehe ;) So cute!

  2. Great post. Great kids. Great treats. GREAT MAMA!!

  3. Boy you have been baking up a storm. They all look so yummy too! Your banana bread looks like it turned out great. I sometimes add chocolate chips to mine. It's an awesome combination. Love the pictures of Ericka and Evan. Evan sure looks like a happy boy!


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